Monday, April 25, 2011

Blogs from the heart. This free bird.

Carrie from This Free Bird was one of those blogs I felt right at home from the second I started reading. She blogs from southern California. When I found her blog I read through pages upon pages of archives. She was easy to connect with, and her blog was like reading a great book I couldn't get enough of.
carrie this free bird

This Free Bird is a healthy mix of lifestyle, and fashion blogging. Carrie talks about her daily life candidly, and doesn't hold back. You will love reading her stories, and I find myself really laughing out loud at them. Whether it's her over bearing landlord, or when she was bedridden from the flu. There is never a dull moment. You will even find some great gluten free recipes.

Her style is bohemian inspired, but with a modern twist. You will be lusting after pieces from her closet in no time, and getting tons of inspiration from her outfit posts. Carrie also posts her latest obsessions, and they are a flower child's dream.

You can also find her over on Twitter, and Bloglovin'.

Why did you start blogging?  
I work in Executive Search and one of my mentors had been encouraging me for a few years to write a book. Because we partnered on so many searches she was getting a bird's eye view into my life and all the random things that happen to me - really the funniest, crazy stories.  At least once a week she would ask me if I was writing it all down. On top of that scenario, for years people had stopped and asked me where I got a certain something I was wearing, where I got haircut, or whatever - and a few of my friends who work in retail kept hounding me to blog about it. Honestly? I really had no clue about the entire blog scene. None. I wasn't even sure what a blog was.  

Anyway, long story short - the market slowed down, my schedule became more manageable and one day I just got on blogger and wrote a post. A year later here I am.  
carrie this free bird

What is your favorite thing about blogging?   
I like knowing that my life is being documented, at least in part, somewhere. I live far away from my family and only see them a few times a year. Having grown up in a large extended family I value and miss the interaction - so I want my niece and nephew to know more about me than they do now not seeing me every day. As a grown adult I value my aunts and uncles - and their connection to our family history - very much.

In terms of the actual blogging process - I love the sharing of ideas. There is so much wonderful content being shared amongst bloggers and that is pretty valuable to me. Gathering knowledge is a key part of growth.

Why do you think having your own unique personal style is important? 
Your style is a reflection of you. It says something about who you are as a person. I can look at other people and love what they wear, but to simply replicate it without truly considering how it suits me in the process only results in me looking uncomfortable in my own skin. I'm pretty eclectic in the way I mix styles or put things together. Being a clone of someone else is not something I aspire to, or would encourage anyone else to do. Be yourself! It's a glorious thing.

carrie this free bird

What color or print combination have you been loving lately?  
Ooooooh that's tough. I am a huge fan of Tucker by Gaby Basora and she is, by far and away, the queen of prints. I love all of her bright color combos - whatever they are. Pretty much all of them? haha

Kind of a lame-o answer there, but total truth. Aside from that someone find me a pair of cropped red denim please...and an off white light sweater or blouse to go with. This combo is in my mind on repeat lately.

When did you start shopping second hand?  
I'm going to out myself:  only about a year ago. I grew up with a mother who SCOURED the garage sales like no other and, for whatever reason, at the time it drove me nuts. So I had to swallow a big piece of the humble pie and admit that I love second hand stuff!! It's in my blood what can I say?? I've been selling my clothes on a consignment basis for over 10 years, but really started to dive into the flea markets and vintage stores about a year ago. Right now I have on a miraculous leather belt that was...wait for it...$9.  NINE DOLLARS.  hold  me.

I'm like an addict now.

carrie this free bird

What advice do you have for someone new to shopping second hand?   
Don't pressure yourself to find something every time you go. When I first started to go to flea markets I'd be overwhelmed within 30 minutes because I was dying to see that one key item. Then I'd burn out and have to leave.  

After awhile I just gave myself an hour. I'd stroll and look for an hour then leave. The next time I'd do the same or give myself a bit more time. No pressure, just enjoyment. After a few times I made my first purchase and now it's much easier.

I started with simple accessories and home stuff: a belt, a unique bowl for the kitchen - things like that. It helped me to gain confidence to look at more substantial things like clothing or furniture (haven't bought furniture yet though).

Do you have any second hand pieces with a story behind them?  
A couple weeks ago I picked up a black weathered leather bracelet with silver and turquoise conchos on it. It came off some reserve in New Mexico and the dealer was explaining who the original artist was, but it was over my head. This particular dealer is a nice guy and not full of lying stories so I'm going back next month to have him download the info to me again. It may not be much of anything substantial, but the idea of having something that was worn by someone else in the middle of nowhere in NM is kind of cool to me. Nerd alert.

Aside from that I have second hand pieces that came from my grandparents - my favorite thing right now are the Monday through Sunday tea towels that my paternal grandmother liquid embroidered. How they ever got saved is beyond me, but I'm sure glad the were.
carrie this free bird

With all my heart,
<3 Vanessa


  1. Such a lovely guest post!
    Monique xx

  2. Vanessa thank you so much - I have really enjoyed getting to know you and am glad my posts haven't sent you running in the other direction!! (haha kind of?) I appreciate your kind words and look forward to sharing much more mayhem on the horizon...although preferably from my view into the neighbor's yard. BAHAHAHA!!


  3. Vanessa great interview, I would love to go and check out her blog, she have amazing style, it's not really me, but it look like she have great personality!!!

  4. Danielle (elleinadspir)April 25, 2011 at 11:30 AM

    Love carrie and her blog. So happy to see her featured!

  5. what an awesome interview! nice job, ladies :)

  6. awww i adore carrie, she is the funniest :)

  7. She is one of my favorite people ever. Her blog is always on my must-read list.
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