Friday, June 10, 2011

Outfit of the day. Blinded by the light.

It has been so gorgeous lately. So gorgeous that my eyes were watering from the sun shining right in them. I had to put on my sweet polarized sunglasses from the fishing department at Wal Mart so I wouldn't look like I was crying. I'm not a vampire I swear.
outfit of the day
outfit of the day
 Outfit details: Top- Hand me down. Tank- Old Navy. Pants- Old Navy. Bag- Thrifted. Shoes- Old Navy. Bracelet- Gift. Sunglasses- Wal Mart.

Things I learned from this outfit:
  1. Brown flip flops with my black pants looks kind of weird.
  2. This shirt hates these jeans, and creates an annoying line/muffin top.
  3. Sunglasses make everyone look cooler.
  4. I need more summer clothes asap.
  5. You can never have enough lint rollers.
With all my heart,
<3 Vanessa


  1. The red does look gorgeous! I understand your love of lint rollers, with two cats it's a necessity! xxx

  2. I am so with you in regards to sunglasses...eeveryone looks cooler with a fabulous pair!  :)

  3. 3-5 agreed100 %. And brown flip flops barely work with brown clothing. Trust me I try. In case I forgot to mention it, but your widget for my shop looks fabulous and it pleases me to know end knowing how much support you give me, MUAHZ!

  4. I wore black slacks yesterday...and totally understand about the lint rollers.

  5. Your red hair goes so weel with that top, my dear Vanessa.have a superb weekend.

  6. Viktorija GorcakovaiteJune 12, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    Black and red classics - you do look good and classy. And I love the decoration of the shirt :)